86edf14218eaed6970097bdc5f470ebb I think this is the exact weather that expresses my current state. It is raining which is so want to write poems, go and walk or maybe dance in the rain, or just sit next to the window and drink a cup of hot tea  dipping into cosiness and warmth. Bu my feelings are so mixed up that this very rain at times  fills me with sad melancholy and all I want is to roll myself up into a ball lie in my soft bed, listen to music and stay in my kingdom of loneliness and emptiness. But in the picture there is also the sun shining through rain trying to spread its blazing rays in the dark corners of my soul. The sun is the hope, motivation, belief. Well, this is what is happening in my life right now, a struggle between rain and sun, between giving up or moving forward. Hmm. I wonder what is going to win…

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