Time does not stop…



Time is not going to stop…

He is sitting in his room sodden with loneliness smoking his cigar. How many years have passed, how many unuttered feelings have been lived. He is smoking and the smoke circles are the only things surrounding him in his empty, dark room. It was five years ago when he met her in the park, she was wearing a white dress with dandelions. And like these dandelions was she- so tender, fluffy and defenseless. That was exactly  what people use to call these moments “ love at first sight”. After some time they started to date…she was a whole empyreal world to him. But soon he left the city for his education and had to stay there for two years. As we know distance is so cruel but she was waiting for him. Time did not stop…In seven months he had holidays and could have come to spend time with her, but preferred staying in a new city this time and visit her during next holidays. Not because he did not love her, or did not miss  her, but he just thought he had time. But time was against them and soon the destiny played a cruel role of a separator. The girl had a car accident and passed away.

He is smoking his cigar in the room where the smoke is mixed with the smell of sweet but at the same time bitter memories. .. How could not he come and see her. Oh, that damn selfishness of his, when he preferred enjoying his holidays in a new place without knowing what time had prepared for him… So do we … we live without appreciating time, we put aside everything for another time…Even if we have a nanosecond to spend with our beloved ones, we must use it… go and see them, help them, talk to them for the flow of time is inevitable, let us not waste it for it can be too late…time does not stop.



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